Dream, reality: Arab Thought Foundation

By Dr Khalid Al-Saleh

Arab Thought Foundation is an independent international private organization that is nearly 23 years old and works on being proud of the principles, values and ethics of the Arab nation, with the approach of responsible freedom. This intellectual foundation adopted an important research project that ended with an important statement by leading Arab intellectuals.

They stressed that the Arabic language is an original component of the nation’s identity and a moral symbol of its people belonging. It represents its cultural and civilized memory and contributes through exchanged translations in enriching dialogue and rapprochement between people. Meanwhile, I still remember the speech of the President of Arab Thought Foundation Prince Khalid Al-Faisal at the conference in Morocco, when called for a comprehensive Arab awakening that shuns ignorance and backwardness.

He also condemned the disputes that made Arabs forget their most important issues. The follower of the Arab Thought Foundation can notice the following:

First: It is being led by a strong group of elite Arabs, who have an ambitious thought and major abilities, be it in human resources or financial.

Second: It held 16 conferences (one was cancelled due to politics in Lebanon), nine of which were held in the GCC and the latest was in Dhahran prior to the coronavirus pandemic, and this reflects the seriousness of this work, especially that the average age of Arab intellectual gatherings is no more than seven years.

Third: The foundation enjoys strong support from the Arab educated class, as participations are increasing from various countries of the Arab World. So, we today are owning an effective tool to strengthen the ambitions of our Arab people. It is closer to being the only lifeline that is thrown to us when we are about to drown in the middle of a rough sea, so what is our stand towards it? Do we quarrel about it and leave the deep state to fail it by ideologization, so this promising foundation will become far from our reality as the case with others, or do we keep it and use the values it is calling for to become the next cry of our nation?

How beautiful is this cry, a cry of pride in the principles of our nation as per responsible freedom, a cry that hits the depth of our thirsty roots to water us again with the hope of an intellectual unity that is almost forgotten.

Fourth: The foundation needs real practices and be away from showing off the intellectual abilities, and this is done if educated Arabs find a new reality. For example, if the foundation adopts the issue of Arabizing sciences, which is the most important obstacle for the advancement of the Arab nation and the major obstacle populists and Arab civilization fighters put in front of our youth.

If they succeed in creating Arab Universities in Gulf countries that teach science in Arabic, instead of the universities that spread among us like a malignant disease to keep our children away from their language. If this prestigious foundation succeeds in this major goal, then the foundation will have a new reality that will fulfill idle dreams. The intellectual foundation itself is a maker of a new history for the Arab nation. It is a dream, but not far.

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