Driver provocateurs: New scam for big payouts

Nawara Fattahova

Drivers of luxury vehicles and residents in general should be careful of strangers who try to provoke you or get your attention, as a new method of swindling people has been observed. Some criminals only want to make money and don’t care if their victims get injured or even killed. On the other hand, this phenomenon can be a lesson for people, especially those who are nervy, to always keep calm.

Various celebrities and other ordinary folks have experienced this kind of behavior. A popular social media influencer spoke about his experience while he was driving, where some guys were chasing him. “They kept calling my name in a very annoying way and were continuously shouting. I guess they were trying to provoke me to insult them so they could spoil my reputation. When I stopped looking at them and didn’t respond, they made an offensive gesture with their hands and drove away slowly, hoping I would follow them to fight. But I was really tired, so I just ignored them and changed my course,” he posted on his account.

Another man experienced a similar situation. While he was driving his expensive vehicle, a man he doesn’t know drove so closely to him that he almost hit him. When he looked at the reckless driver in shock, the reckless driver made vulgar gestures. This did enrage the motorist, who forced the provocateur to stop, then got out of his car with his cousin and hit the guy, who didn’t even defend himself.

After a few hours, the motorist received a call from the police station asking him to come to the station, as someone had filed a complaint against him. When he arrived, the injured reckless driver was waiting for him with a medical report of the injuries he had suffered. The police officer advised the defendant to resolve the case amicably instead of filing a case in court, which could even result in imprisonment. The complainant demanded KD 3,000 to drop the case, so the defendant chose to pay up instead of being sentenced to jail.

It seems that the reckless driver might have had the payoff in mind all along. He may have been deliberately provoking the man so he could get beaten and then extort an out of court settlement. Drivers should be aware of this trick and not let strangers provoke them for any reason.
Another older man also recalled facing such a situation when he was driving with his family recently. He said a stranger was harassing him with his vehicle, trying to provoke him by making lewd gestures with his hands to make him angry. But this driver didn’t want to fight in the middle of the road, especially since his family was with him. He also realized the case would reach the police, so he kept ignoring the provoker until he lost hope and drove away.

By Nawara Fattahova

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