Drug users, traffickers arrested

KUWAIT: Hawally police arrested four Asian expats for drug trafficking in Jabriya earlier in the week. A source said police patrols noticed a car being driven in reckless manner, so they asked the driver to stop but he sped off instead. A chase ensued and the driver was eventually caught and arrested. He was found to be in an inebriated condition along with three passengers in the car. Thirteen illicit tablets and bottles of locally made liquor were found in the car. All four were sent to concerned authorities. In another incident, Mubarak Al-Kabeer police arrested a citizen in Sabah Al-Salem area in possession  of five hashish joints. At the Kuwait International Airport, a Sri Lankan national was arrested on arrival with four kilograms of qat. The suspect drew their attention for being tense and confused, so his bag was searched and the illicit substance was found with him.

Fight in Wafra
A citizen was taken to Adan Hospital for treatment of injuries resulting from a fight that took place in Wafra between himself and another citizen who works for facilities security. Police received a call about the fight in the parking lot of the power and water station so a patrol was sent to the site, then went to hospital to check on the injured man who was taken to the operation room.

Drivers brawl
A dispute between drivers of two cars in Saad Al-Abdallah led to an exchange of insults and blows. One of the fighters pulled out a knife and stabbed the other five times and had to be taken to hospital. A source said two persons arrived at Jahra hospital late in the night, one of them covered in blood. The other man, who is the injured man’s brother said they had a dispute with two persons over the right of way, when they came out of their car and one of the men stabbed his brother five times. Investigations are ongoing.

Vehicle damaged
Ahmadi prosecutor ordered an investigation into the damaging of a vehicle to determine the identities of those involved. Charges include incitement of immorality, beating and damaging property. A security source said a citizen and his sister lodged a complaint at Nuwaiseeb police station after their vehicle was attacked and they were beaten.

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