Drugs awareness

By Dr Khalid Al-Saleh

I participated in two events of drugs awareness last week. The first was along with volunteers fighting drugs, while the second was a workshop on the capabilities of drug gangs to use science and brainwashing to spread drugs around the world. Dr Musaed Al-Najjar, a security academic with experience in fighting drugs, introduced me to the volunteers, some of are participating in this effort with the American Embassy, which is interested in protecting its people and others from falling in the trap of misuse of drugs and addiction in general.

The meeting reflected the benefit of cooperation between communities that are interested in such major issues like drugs, and there is no doubt that the participation of the American Embassy with its leadership in the field of awareness in all humanitarian issues is a positive act. They deserve thanks for it. We have this voluntary alliance that will achieve its goals in protecting our children and children of all our guests from the dangers of drugs.

The second participation was at an important workshop about brainwashing in drugs issues that was organized by the Secretariat General of the Arab Federation for Drugs Prevention and supported by Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences. It was hosted by Kuwait Social Association.

This workshop focused on one of the most important drugs issues at this time, which is the use of science and psychology to convince leaders around the world to side with legalizing drugs and make it accessible to people, and even protect it by law. The workshop showed how gangs, which have huge financial sources, used the science of brain programming to send certain messages in order to convince youth and sometimes children how to deal positively with narcotic substances and hallucinogenic tablets and consider them as something normal in life.

The workshop revealed new tools that must be confronted at the level of family, state and legislations. A confrontation that prevents the loss of our youth’s minds, our lagging behind in the development race which needs aware mental energy and not brains absent and lost to addiction. Thanks to the efforts of the American Embassy and the Arab Federation for Drug Prevention – we wish them success in their noble efforts.

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