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Dubai, Istanbul ‘top holiday destinations’ for Kuwaitis

KUWAIT: Dubai and Istanbul are the top touristic destinations for Kuwaitis during the midterm academic holiday in the country, according to several travel agencies. People choose these two cities due to the low prices offers they provide for tourists as well as the wide selection of attractions suitable for Kuwaiti families, a number of travel agents said yesterday.

There are about 15 flights daily from Kuwait to Dubai and seven to Istanbul, said travel agent Ahmad Farhat, adding that people usually choose a destination with the most lucrative flight offers. On his part, chairman of a travel agency Ahmad Abdulsattar said that Beirut is the third top destination for Kuwaitis, while GCC tourists are heading to Sharm El-Sheikh once again to enjoy the low prices offered on hotels there. The number of Kuwaitis visiting Europe is not high since the weather is extremely cold and the holiday time is short, he added.

Abdulsattar also noted that ticket prices are not yet fully affected by the drop in oil prices, while competition between travel agencies to attract tourists is keeping prices reasonable in the holiday season. Meanwhile, a number of citizens said they preferred spending the holiday in Kuwait to enjoy its cold weather and the wide range of offers on renting chalets and camps. Chalets in Kuwait provide different types of entertainment for the whole family, including marine and land activities such as fishing and bike riding, said citizen Ghazi Al-Shammari.- KUNA

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