Duo arrested for sexual assault

KUWAIT: A Somali woman and her friend were raped by two citizens near Wafra farms, according to their statements. The Somali woman told police that she recently started dating a citizen, and decided to meet him with her friend in Qadisiya, where he was joined by another man. The two men asked them to get in their car, and drove them to Wafra farms, where they assaulted them. The women lodged a complaint with Ahmadi detectives who sent them to forensics to confirm the claims. Detectives arrested the two men after two hours, said security source.

House stormed
Mubarak Al-Kabeer detectives are looking for a man who stormed a house, tied up a woman who was inside, then cut her hair and escaped. Forensics and criminal detectives went to the house in Ali Sabah Al-Salem area as an investigation was launched. The girl was questioned as part of investigations to determine the suspect’s identity, as detectives believe that she might know him.

Drug abuse
A girl lost consciousness due to excessive use of drugs. A security source said a call was received from a group of girls about the incident, which happened during a gathering. Police and medical emergency teams rushed to the house and took the girl to Mubarak hospital, where doctors managed to stabilize her condition . The doctor reported to the hospital’s investigator that the girl was under the influence of drugs. Her friends said she abused too much drugs and lost consciousness as a result.

Con artist at large
Three female citizens lodged consecutive complaints at Rumaithiya police station accusing a citizen of swindling, a security source said. A citizen born in 1938 told police that she was scammed by a citizen who sold her a real estate in a Gulf country, then when it was time to deliver, he disappeared and switched off his phone. Two similar complaints were lodged by female citizens born in 1969 and 1998 respectively.

Bootleggers caught
Two Indian men and a woman were caught in a large liquor factories in Sabah Al-Ahmad City following investigations. A security team raided the factory located inside a house located in section A3 in the city, where 160 liquor drums and 300 full bottles were found, in addition to distillation equipment and 50 sugar bags. The suspects were sent to the proper authorities for further action. – Translated from the Arabic press

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