Duo arrested with 6,000 Tramadol

crime-scene-picKUWAIT: Criminal detectives arrested four persons with possession of 6,000 Tramadol tablets they intended to sell in Khaitan. A security source said that detectives asked an undercover source to buy Tramadol tablets from one of the suspects, and the arrest was made during the exchange. The suspect then told detectives about three other accomplices of his, who were arrested and sent to the Drugs Control General Department.

Ex-con arrested

Capital police arrested an ex-convict after foiling his attempt to escape on foot. The suspect was found wanted on 18 felony and civil cases. He was sent to criminal detectives. A security source said that policemen stopped a vehicle while on a night mission. The driver seemed nervous, so the officers inquired about him and discovered that he is wanted for authorities. When the suspect was asked to step out of the car, he came out then started to run away, but was chased down and arrested following a fierce resistance.

Drunk employee

A citizen went furious when he discovered his driver drunk. The citizen heard loud laughs coming from his driver’s room and discovered that he had been drinking with another man, so he locked them in and called police. A police patrol went to the house and found the two extremely drunk, so they were taken to the police station and were charged with drunkenness.

Drunk driver caught

Southern roads patrols arrested an ex-convict drinking alcohol in his car, and found three bottles of liquor along with seven cans of beer with his possession. The driver was stopped as he was driving recklessly. The suspect was sent to the Drug Control General Department for further action.

Break in and theft

A beauty salon owner in Jabriya filed a case with local police, saying that unidentified thieves broke into the salon and stole cash and material from inside. Fingerprints were lifted from the scene. The prosecution ordered the case to be registered as a felony. The case was given to detectives to identify the suspects.

Pedestrian mugged

A man impersonating a detective stopped a pedestrian in Fahaheel, then stole his cell phone and KD 260 in cash after beating him up when the victim refused to allow him to search him. The suspect then escaped in a vehicle that carried no license plates, according to the victim’s statements he made at the area’s police station. Detectives are working on the case. – Al-Rai

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