Duo sentenced to death in royal’s Salwa murder

KUWAIT: The criminal court yesterday sentenced two Iranians to death for murdering their sponsor, said security sources, noting that the two suspects had worked as cooks for the ruling family member they killed. The court also fined two citizens for selling the suspects an unlicensed firearm. The crime happened in November 2016 when the suspects shot dead their Kuwaiti sponsor, along with another Kuwaiti man and an Indonesian woman inside a Salwa apartment. The suspects had tied their victims before committing the crimes; after which they stole a large amount of cash from inside the apartment and escaped before police arrested them.

Abdali case
In other news, the court of cassation yesterday adjourned a hearing scheduled for yesterday to pass its verdict in the Abdali case, and set the next hearing four June 18, said security sources. The defendants in this case are facing charges of collaboration with Iran and Hezbollah.

By Meshaal Al-Enezi

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