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Economic growth inseparably linked with empowering young talents: Waleed Al-Khashti

Zain Platinum Sponsor of NUKS USA 36th annual conference

Ambassador Sheikh Salem Al-Sabah with Waleed Al-Khashti and Zain officials at the company’s booth

KUWAIT: Zain, the leading digital service provider in Kuwait, participated in the opening ceremony of the 36th annual conference of the National Union of Kuwaiti Students in the United States of America (NUKS USA). Zain is the Platinum Sponsor of the event, which was held in San Diego with the attendance of the Ambassador of the State of Kuwait to the United States of America Sheikh Salem Abdullah Al-Jaber Al-Sabah.

Zain expressed its pride in being the Platinum Sponsor of the conference, continuing its role as a main supporter of the event for 16 years. The conference is considered the largest gathering of Kuwaiti students abroad, and Zain’s support comes in line with its Corporate Sustainability and Social Responsibility strategy towards the youth and education sectors, as well as its belief in connecting with the country’s youth abroad.

During his opening speech at the conference, Zain Kuwait’s Chief Corporate Communications and Relations Officer Waleed Al-Khashti said: “with a spirit of hope, inspiration, and responsibility, we recommence this national gathering of our youth, who never forgot their country despite the distance.”
Khashti explained: “I would like to take this opportunity to express my utmost pride in our dear students, and remind them that Kuwait has given them her trust to be her ambassadors to the world. I would also like to express my pleasure in Zain’s participation in this national gathering, through which we renew our support to our students abroad.”

Khashti continued: “we believe in the importance of the private sector’s role in sustainability efforts, and so we consider ourselves a main partner of student activities and programs. Our sense of joint responsibility has driven us to continue guiding and caring for our students and their initiatives.”

Khashti stressed: “you are the lifeline of hope for our developmental plans into building a “New Kuwait”. This immense responsibility comes at a time where our communities face many challenges, and perhaps those who are most affected by these challenges are the youth. Because you, the youth, make up most of our nation, we know very well that overcoming these challenges is a necessity, and so economic growth is inseparably linked with empowering young talents.”

He added: “the digital revolution and the benefits that come with it will put us face to face with challenges between technological unemployment and offering job opportunities. And so, empowering the youth will pave the way into positive transformation in the market. For this, we have decided to contribute to overcome such challenges by launching many initiatives and programs targeted at youth.”

Khashti concluded: “I take this opportunity to stress that Zain is an integral part of this nation, and we will always be a main supporter of youth projects. I thank everyone for coming today and taking part in this gathering surrounded by feelings of warmth and love.”

Khashti also announced one of the biggest surprises Zain prepared for students studying abroad, especially in the United States; an all-new offer that allows students who own postpaid lines to keep their numbers while studying abroad for KD 3 monthly only, with 1 GB of free local Internet that can be used when coming back home during holidays. Zain specially designed this offer to meet the needs and aspirations of students abroad, who usually lose their local numbers because of inactivity while studying abroad. The company was keen on presenting this offer to allow them to easily keep their numbers.

As it does every year; Zain contributed to the event by organizing a number of unique activities and programs. The company sponsored a special sports seminar that featured many distinguished Kuwaiti athletes, as well as organized a thrilling Zain Football Tournament for student and awarded the winners. Zain also hosted a special workshop that discussed accelerating tech startups and featured many successful entrepreneurs.

Zain will also participate in recognizing the top performing Kuwaiti graduates from the USA, and will also take part in a special exhibition for sponsors, where the company will offer its exclusive promotions to students, present its available career opportunities, as well as showcase its leading experience in the telecom sector. In addition, Zain has prepared a number of surprises for students who will be visiting the event.

The conference featured many unique activities, including a workshop entitled ‘Phonorizma’ for creating a charismatic brand through social media and smartphones, a self-development workshop for female students, and an economic seminar. The event also hosted the stars of Kuwait Pulse 88.8 FM, and a concert by popular Kuwaiti band Miami. All these activities and more featured many public and media figures, politicians, social activists, athletes, and more.

Zain’s presence in the event conveys its enthusiasm to interact with the future generations of Kuwaiti youth, especially those who pursue their education abroad, as the NUKS USA conference is considered the largest gathering of Kuwaitis outside of Kuwait, and welcomes students from all around the US. The distinctive event appeals to students on both an intellectual and social levels and it serves as an open forum for them to exchange opinions and views regarding important domestic issues with the presence of distinguished national figures from the Kuwaiti society.

Zain sees its annual participation in the conference as part of its responsibility as a leading national company to help provide bright and enthusiastic young Kuwaitis with a great social experience, as well as listen to their ideas and experiences while pursuing their education abroad.
The National Union of Kuwaiti Students in the United States of America (NUKS USA) serves nearly 14,000 Kuwaiti students studying in the United States. The Union aims, through its events and programs, to connect Kuwaiti students with each other on one level, and with their nation and the latest updates of the Kuwaiti community on another. NUKS USA was publicized in the USA and was granted the recognition of the United States government. The achievement is considered a proud milestone for Kuwait’s youth, and is a direct result of the great relations between the State of Kuwait and United States. Such a recognition is a clear reflection of the strategic relations between the two nations.

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