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Education Minister patronizes, inaugurates Kuwait Learning Forum

Organized by NoufEXPO on 7 – 9 May 2018

Education Minister
Dr Hamed Al-Aazmi

KUWAIT: NoufEXPO announced yesterday the convening of the “Kuwait Education Forum (Q8EDU) – Learning is a Lifelong Journey” in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Higher Studies, Kuwait University, and the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training. Q8EDU convenes from 7 – 9 May 2018 at Al-Taj Ballroom – Millennium Hotel and Convention Centre. Dr Hamed Mohammed Al-Aazmi, the Minister of Education and Minister of Higher Education in the State of Kuwait, will patronize and inaugurate Q8EDU. Education has always been at the top of Kuwait’s political leadership agenda. Kuwait has always considered education as the most valuable investment that can be made to ensure Kuwait’s future and prosperity.

“Kuwait Education Forum” will be held under the motto of “Learning is a Lifelong Journey”. The Forum will discuss all aspects of Kuwait’s educational services including achievements and challenges. It will highlight the efforts, carried out by concerned parties, to develop their technologies, services, and human resources in order to cope with change. Curricula and programs will be highlighted too. The accompanying exhibition will be a perfect venue to exhibit the new teaching aids facilitated by today’s technologies such as the Internet, visual aids, 3D printing, virtual reality solutions, and artificial intelligence. The Forum will highlight how the learning process is no longer confined to the boundaries of the family and school, or the college at a later stage. It became a lifelong process driven by modern technologies.

A NoufEXPO spokesperson said that Q8EDU aims at discussing the new trends and the mission of the education process in light of the prevailing technology phenomena. Attendees will be able to benefit from other countries’ experiences and how they were able to revolutionize their educational systems. The event will explore how Kuwait can develop their educational system by adopting new learning technologies and methodologies, in addition to exploring the new curricula, e-content programs, and new learning aids available today. Finally, Q8EDU will help students choose their future schools and universities and meet face to face with the management staff of these institutions in the accompanying exhibition area.

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