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Efforts to ‘Kuwaitize’ Education Ministry jobs

KUWAIT: The Civil Service Commission (CSC) wrote to the Education Ministry about the rules and procedures of ‘Kuwaitization’ of government jobs, and asked for a list containing the number of jobs that can be dropped from the budget of the 2018/2019 fiscal year, and are mostly occupied by expatriates. The ministry was given a two-week notice to provide the list, otherwise the Finance Ministry will be told to cancel the contracts of non-Kuwaiti employees.

Meanwhile, Health Minister Dr Jamal Al-Harbi told MPs that the CSC approved a proposal to replace non-Kuwaiti employees in treatment overseas offices with Kuwaiti workers. MP Salah Khoursheed said this decision will reflect positively on the performance of health offices abroad and will provide job opportunities for medical staff, adding that this issue was among the recommendations made by the parliament’s investigations committee in health ministry violations.

The CSC had agreed earlier to send Kuwaiti doctors and accountants to work in health offices abroad instead of signing contracts with local employees in each country where the health offices are located. The CSC stipulated that in case a doctor is sent to work in an office abroad, he will have the designations of ‘technical employee’ and will be treated financially like members of the diplomatic core. Meanwhile an accountant will be treated like foreign ministry employees who are sent to work abroad.

By A Saleh

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