Egyptian and Syrian women fight in Salmiya

KUWAIT: A fight broke out between an Egyptian and a Syrian woman in a Salimiya a building, so neighbors sought the help of police. The two women engaged in a heated verbal altercation, exchanging indecent insults. Policemen went to the building and neighbors told them this is not the first time. Policemen took the two to the police station and charged them with disturbance of the peace and exchange of obscenities.

Drug dealers arrested
Criminals detectives put an end to the activities of a gulf national and his Kuwaiti partner, particularly in shabu and ice, the local names for crystal meth. Both were arrested following a deal to buy 20g of shabu. Detectives learned that a gulf national was active in selling drugs and always works with a female partner to pass through checkpoints. A warrant was obtained and a deal was made to buy 20g of shabu and the pair was arrested during the exchange. They were sent to Drugs Control General Department.

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