Egyptian husband beats up his Filipina wife; Illicit Bangladeshi medicine seller caught

KUWAIT: A Filipina married to an Egyptian filed a complaint against her husband at Nugra police station, accusing him of assaulting her over some family disputes. The wife added that her husband brutally beat her, causing her a head injury and several bruises. A case was filed and the husband has been summoned for further investigations.

Illicit medicine seller caught
A Bangladeshi was recently arrested in Jleeb with a large quantity of MoH medications he offered for sale in a street market. The suspect tried to flee the scene but was caught. The medications also included erectile dysfunction medicines and other unlicensed items.

Delivery driver robbed
A fast-food Asian delivery reported that four unidentified people dressed in dishdashas assaulted him while making a delivery in Jahra at dawn, and stole KD 59 from him.

Officer insulted
A traffic policeman filed a complaint against a citizen for insulting him after the police officer gave the man a ticket for a traffic violation.

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