Egyptian inmate raped by two Kuwaiti inmates

KUWAIT: An Egyptian prison inmate was raped by two Kuwaiti inmates in their jail. The two citizens pulled a sharp object and refused all his pleas, and raped him in his prison cell. Prison administration lodged a complaint at the Sulaibiya police station, while the rape victim was sent for a medical checkup. The rape suspects face additional prison sentences if found guilty.

Soldier attacked
Two citizens, one a soldier were attacked by two unknown persons in Jahra area. One of the suspects hit the soldier with an axe, while the other one had broken teeth when he was hit with a fire extinguisher. The two were rushed to hospital, where they obtained a medical report. Investigations are underway.

‘Insulting the State’
An Arab expat was taken to state security detectives for questioning over charges of ‘insulting the state’ of front of a mall in Jahra. A security source said a citizen called police and told them that a man insulted the state aloud. A patrol team went arrested the suspect. The suspect denied the allegation.

MoI employee faces jail
Prosecutor General Dherar Al-Asousi ordered an employee of the Interior ministry be jailed for 10 days at central prison pending investigations over his embezzlement of thousands of dinars in public funds. An informed source said the Interior Ministry discovered that one of its employees who supervises the collection of citations fines has been pocketing the money. The suspect also canceled the citations on the computer.- Al Rai, Al Anbaa, Al Qabas

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