Egyptian man deported for ‘peeping’ into a ladies’ fitting room

KUWAIT: An Egyptian man was arrested for peeping into a ladies’ fitting room while a female diplomat was trying some garments, said security sources. Although the diplomat dropped charges to avoid repeated visits to the police and court for legal procedures, the expat was referred to deportation. Meanwhile, further investigations revealed that the man is also wanted for a KD 700 financial claim.

A Syrian man and a Lebanese salesman were arrested for fighting in Nogra, said security sources. The Syrian customer engaged in an argument with the salesman after a noticing that a pair of trousers he bought from his shop was damaged. The salesman refused to exchange it, which caused the fight, the sources added.

Singer hurt
A young Kuwaiti singer is currently hospitalized at Al-Razi hospital pending a surgery after he sustained pelvic and nose fractures when his vehicle collided into a truck while he was driving on the way back from Julaia. The singer said that he was checking WhatsApp messages on his phone while driving at 120 kilometers per hour when he drove into the back of a truck.

A female citizen lost control over her vehicle and drove it into a coop’s family needs store, said security sources, noting that the girl’s vehicle stopped near the cashier’s desk and she was terrified because the possibility of having injured or killed someone, which did not happen. Separately, a citizen was arrested for smashing a building’s gate in Hawally while he was driving under the influence of alcohol, said security sources. A case was filed.

Family feud
A fierce fight took place amongst cousins attending a wedding ceremony in Farwaniya, said security sources, noting that none of them pressed charges despite the fact that some of them sustained injuries during the melee.

Worker assaulted
A citizen filed a complaint against his Kuwaiti neighbor accusing him of entering his house by force and assaulting an Asian man working for him, said security sources. The man explained that he had asked the worker to walk his large-sized dog out, but the neighbor’s kid, who was playing outside, saw the dog and panicked though it was on a leash. He added that the kid told his father who immediately barged into the house and brutally assaulted the Asian man.-Translated from the Arabic press

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