Egyptian man stabbed in traffic dispute

KUWAIT: A man damaged a motorist’s vehicle following a traffic dispute, then stabbed him in the back after trading insults with him. The incident took place on Fahaheel Road, and the victim, Egyptian, was taken to the hospital following the accident while the attacker, Kuwaiti, was arrested and taken to the police station.

Sheep stolen
Three persons climbed over the fence of a citizen’s farm and stole 17 sheep after assaulting the keeper. The Asian keeper’s hands and legs were tied by the three intruders, who kept him inside a tent and then stole the sheep. The citizen untied the keeper and took him to the police station where he lodged a complaint.

A female citizen was hurt when her car fell down at the Amiri Hospital’s parking lot. People who heard a ‘bang’ rushed to the car, got the driver out and sent her for treatment. A security source said the woman lost control when she was driving towards the upper levels.

Weapon stolen
A policeman in Farwaniya stole an M16 rifle and its rounds as he wanted to sell it to a citizen and a Syrian man who is wanted on a felony. A corporal who was counting for weapons at the police station noticed a rifle missing, and informed his superior, accusing a policeman who left quickly after his shift of stealing the weapon. The officer was summoned for questioning but he denied the accusations. The shift officer found the weapon in the suspected policeman’s car, after which he confessed that he stole it with the intention intended to sell it. He added that the buyers were waiting at a cooperative society; where police headed and placed them under arrest. The three were sent to the public prosecution for further action.

Criminal detectives foiled the attempt of two policemen to get bank loans using forged documents when a bedoon (stateless) man was caught forging salary certificates for them in exchange of KD 2,500 per transaction. The bedoon became popular among interior ministry personnel who wanted to obtain loans illegally. The bedoon confessed to the charges and was charged accordingly. – Translated from the Arabic press

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