Egyptian Neighbors fight in Salmiya; Female Moroccan driver beaten

KUWAIT: Two Egyptian neighbors continued a fight started by their wives in Salmiya, before neighbors broke it up. The dispute started between two Egyptian women in the building who exchanged blows, so neighbors intervened and broke up the fight. When their husbands returned home, they approached each other to resolve the problem, but the discussion became heated and each accused the other’s wife of causing the problem, which escalated to exchanging blows and threats, so neighbors once again had to break up the fight. The two went to the police station and exchanged accusations. A case was filed and police are investigating to find why the fight took place.

Driver beaten
A female driver was beaten and dragged by a couple in Salmiya due to a traffic dispute. The Moroccan woman went to Salmiya police station with a medical report stating her injuries. The woman gave police the license plate number of the other car, and police are investigating.

Officer threatened
A police officer who was off duty parked his car in front of a café on Arabian Gulf Road. When he returned, he found a car blocking his, so he had to wait until the owner arrived. When the officer blamed the man, an argument took place, and both exchanged threats when the officer began writing a ticket. Both went to the police station and filed complaints, and investigations are underway.

Fugitive arrested
A fugitive was arrested after a chase in Fintas, as he was driving a stolen car. He was taken to criminal detectives. Ahmadi police noticed a dilapidated car driven by a person, but when he was asked to stop, he refused and attempted to escape, before being forced to stop. The man, Kuwaiti, was found wanted over 11 cases, and the car he was driving was reported stolen in Nugra.



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