Egypt’s Magic Group soccer tournament

‘No to drugs… no to addiction’


KUWAIT: ‘No to drugs… no to addiction, youth are the true wealth’ is the title of Egyptians Magic Group soccer tournament, which was launched at the Boulevard playgrounds on Thursday and Friday with the participation of 16 teams. The tournament is characterized with its good organization, with very strict rules to ensure the safety of players and make sure it comes out very well.

The quarter finals will take place on Thursday as eight teams qualified. Al-Ahli Al-Masri will play Dark Hourse stars will play Boulevard, Egypt’s Brazil will play the Republic and Alexandria Union will play BuTraika Lovers. One hundred and seven 107 goals were scored at the groups stage, as the strongest attack came from Egypt’s Brazil with 17 goals, while it also has the strongest defense. The highest score was by Abu Traika Lovers against Al-Ahlam (8-0).

The highest scoring group is the fourth with 34 and the least is the third group with 22 goals. The general organizer of the tournament Sarah Shalabi said she is happy with participating teams compliance with the rules. The tournament aims at getting the youth acquainted with each other and promote the tournament’s title.

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