Eight Romanian women arrested for illegal sexual activities

KUWAIT: Vice police arrested eight Romanian women and a homosexual who came into Kuwait and began illegal sexual activities. According to sources, each woman was charging KD 200 per hour. They confessed that clients were to fill an electronic form and provide a picture of themselves and they would gets an answer within 48 hours. Information about the Romanians and their activities was received by the Vice and Human Traffic Department Director Lt Colonel Haitham Al-Otham.

‘Captagon’ tablets found
Nuwaiseeb customs officers found “captagon” tablets in the inspection area just before entering the center. The illicit tablets were found inside a telephone charger. According to investigation reports, the owner threw it before arriving in the area. The 13 tablets were sent to Drugs Control General Department.

Citizen caught with expat
A citizen and an Arab expat who was registered absconding at Fintas police station, were arrested after finding them in an indecent situation in front of a building. Police responded to a call about the two, and the Arab lady was also reported absconding by her sponsor. Both were taken to the police station.

Pakistani stalker
An Egyptian woman filed a complaint against a Pakistani for sending her a large amount of disturbing and erotic messages on a social media website. She filled the complaint in Salmiya police station. Detectives are working on the case to find the perverted Pakistani.

Syrian takes charge
The Interior Ministry is investigating a video tape in which a Syrian appears to be sitting on a sector leader’s desk and instructing people as if he was working there. His residency is on the private sector. Security sources said the clip reached the interior minister, so he asked the interior secretary to look into the matter. After a brief investigation, the Syrian was found to be a mandoub for a colonel in the traffic department.

Smart citizen gets shocked
The smart electric meter uncovered the attempts of a citizen who was trying to connect power to his building illegally. Informed sources said that as soon as the citizen began taking a current from the smart meter, it sent a warning to the ministry server, so concerned authorities went to the site and discovered the theft attempt. A citation was issued to him besides other measures.

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