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Election hopefuls kick off campaigns with much gaiety

Snacks being served at parliamentary candidates headquarters
Snacks being served at parliamentary candidates headquarters

KUWAIT: Parliamentary candidates across the nation kicked off their election campaigns amid a palpable democratic atmosphere, many of them employing unconventional forms of entertainment in a bid to entice voters.

Away from political rhetoric, candidates have spared no expense with designing their campaign bases, equipped with air conditioning, bright lights and the ever ubiquitous phone chargers, which have become a necessity in today’s ultra-connected world.

Moreover, many candidates have partnered with confectionary companies to dole out sweet preparations such as fruit and candy, in addition to coffee and tea, all in an effort to keep visitors satisfied. To put things in perspective, work to erect these campaign bases has cost anywhere from KD 15,000 to 45,000, however, voters seem to be divided on whether such measures are warranted.

Dana Al-Kharaz, one of many voters who will head to the polls on November 26, described these campaign bases as a link between the candidates and the electorate, rather than mere acts of “showmanship.”

Similarly, another voter, Mohammad Jassim, said that the bases help forge a ‘first impression’ of the candidates. As a soccer aficionado, Jassim is elated that many of these bases contain large television screens that display the latest games and championships.

Meanwhile, Nada Al-Hajji’s remarks were in sharp contrast to those of Jassim and Al-Kharaz, as she put much emphasis on the ideologies of the candidates vying for a seat in parliament. “What matters is what candidates do after they are elected,” she quipped. – KUNA

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