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Electricity restored in Nuzha after hour-long blackout

KUWAIT: An hour-long blackout hit parts of Nuzha in the early hours of yesterday. Informed sources noted that the blackout was the result of a malfunction in a power unit, which was immediately dealt with by Ministry of Electricity and Water emergency technicians.

Charity inspections
The Ministry of Social Affairs’ Acting Undersecretary Hana Al-Hajeri said 744 charity-related field inspection visits were made during the first half of Ramadan to follow up the charity donation collection project. Hajeri added that violations detected included using unstamped receipt books, violating the schedules set by the ministry and using one of the marquees to collect blood money.

Coding system
The Ministry of Commerce and Industry issued a new resolution mandating all insurance companies to use a unified type coding system on all insurance documents they issue from Jan 1, 2020. The ministry explained in a statement issued yesterday that all insurance companies will be provided with special forms with a fixed code per insurance type, aside from the serial number.

Storage site
The capital committee at the Municipal Council approved a request by the Amiri Diwan to allocate a site for storage at the new palace of justice building in Qibla.

By Meshaal Al-Enezi

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