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Embassy releases statement on Russia Day

KUWAIT: The Russian Embassy in Kuwait released a statement on the occasion of Russia Day. The following are excerpts from the statement: “On June 12 we celebrate Russia Day – one of our most important public holidays. We honor our native country, our Russia, which we love and are proud of. Today we are happy to share our joy with our Kuwaiti friends again after two years of pandemic restrictions.

Being in the hospitable land of Kuwait, we would like to emphasize that we greatly value the traditionally friendly relations between our countries. As we are going to mark the seventh decade of diplomatic ties next year, we can state with confidence that these relations have evolved into a sustainable and enduring partnership which is time-proved and based on a solid foundation of mutually beneficial cooperation and respect, supported by regular political dialogue at the highest and high levels, strong cultural and humanitarian ties and promising potential in the trade and economic spheres. We are convinced that further development of multifaceted cooperation between Russia and Kuwait in bilateral and multilateral formats meets long-term interests of both countries, contributes to strengthening of mutual understanding and coordination on a wide range of issues pertaining to regional and international agenda.

“Political consultations at the level of Deputy Foreign Ministers (the last round was held in Moscow in October 2021) facilitate a trust-based exchange of views and strengthen practical coordination on a wide range of issues. Trade, economic, investment and financial agenda is discussed within the framework of the Intergovernmental Russian-Kuwaiti Commission on Trade, Economic, Scientific and Technical Cooperation.

“In this regard, the internationally recognized role of Kuwait as a global humanitarian leader and the country’s substantial contribution to the settlement of conflicts and crisis situations in the region deserves the highest praise. This role has once again been proved by the success of Kuwait’s mediation efforts under the guidance of the country’s wise leadership – His Highness the Amir and His Highness the Crown Prince – which helped heal a rift within the GCC, contributed to normalizing relations between the Gulf states and Lebanon and advancing the peace process in Yemen.”

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