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Eminent Kuwaiti writer digs deep into Kuwait’s history in new book

KUWAIT: Eminent Kuwaiti writer and poet Dr Suad Mohammad Al-Sabah has published a new book entitled ‘The founding of Kuwait during eras of Sabah Al-Awal (the first ruler 1718-1776) and Abdullah Al-Awal (the second ruler 1776-1814)’. Dr Suad sheds light on the period when the bases for establishing the modern State of Kuwait were laid, narrating how some of the ancestors had moved from Najd, Saudi Arabia, to Kuwait where they formed a society different from the Bedouin one in Saudi Arabia and the agricultural community in Iraq.

She tells the story how the Utub designated Sheikh Sabah Al-Awal for ruling; based on shura and consensus, noting that Kuwait had been born as an independent entity, where the rulers practiced governing without foreign influence. Sheikh Sabah Al-Awal had shrewdly adopted a balance policy for dealing with the foreign powers, ensuring non-interference in the Kuwaitis’ domestic affairs.

In the 18th century, her book notes, Kuwait gained prominence due to political stability and development of trade. During this period, several tribes moved to settle in it. Trade at those times widely expanded and the Kuwaiti traders reached in their sea endeavors to the coasts of India and Africa.  —KUNA

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