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Employees demand equality in access control

KUWAIT: A court yesterday adjourned a case filed by a number of government employees demanding cancellation of the biometric access control system unless their superiors were also obliged to use it. The employees argued that imposing the system only on employees, while giving exceptions to their superiors, constitutes a sort of ‘unconstitutional discrimination’ amongst public servants.

Work timings
Kuwait Municipality Director Ahmad Al-Manfohi recently instructed municipality branch managers to make sure that all inspectors were fully committed to their official work timings, said official sources, adding that Manfouhi also asked for lists of the inspectors’ names and evaluation of their performance. The sources added that many complaints had been made about municipality inspectors’ alleged ‘abusive measures’ on inspecting various facilities. Furthermore, the source explained that inspectors are not liable to file any citations outside their jurisdiction, should file the citation on site, and are not entitled to withdraw civil IDs or summon violators to the department.

Supporting families
Minister of Social Affairs Saad Al-Kharraz said that the ministry was currently studying the possibility of allowing family products to be displayed for sale at co-operative societies in a bid to encourage, motivate and support those families in a similar way in which the ministry supports small and medium enterprise (SME) entrepreneurs. Kharraz added that families’ products would probably be put on display at various co-ops by Ramadan, noting that the ministry would continue paying social aid to those families until their projects start earning them enough profits.

By Meshaal Al-Enezi and A Saleh

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