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Employment law for children of Kuwaiti mothers all-inclusive: CSC

KUWAIT: A recent edict granting children born to Kuwaiti mothers greater employment rights does not discriminate on the basis of their fathers’ nationalities, Kuwait’s Civil Service Commission (CSC) said yesterday. CSC noted in a statement that the law, which grants children of Kuwaiti mothers precedence when it comes to employment in the government sector, is only effective in the event no citizens have been registered for vacancies listed at the CSC.

Moreover, the statement pointed out that certain provisos are in place as it relates to the process of employing non-Kuwaitis and stateless people.  On the process of filling up vacancies in the government sector, the statement noted that “priority is given to citizens first, followed by those with Kuwaiti mothers.” The statement also clarified that salaries largely hinge on the job itself and that monetary bonuses are dependent upon the occupation. – KUNA

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