End corruption first

After gasoline prices were hiked, opponents claimed that uprooting corruption first will save manifold of what will be gained by higher petrol prices. It is possible, through rationalizing treatment abroad, to save millions of dinars in the state budget by “activating” the conscience of officials, stop wasta and punish those who take advantage of their posts, along with those who deal with them among the decision makers.

Treatment abroad, which costs the country KD 300 million as announced, can be reduced significantly, if it only covers cases that actually deserve to travel. With this large amount of KD 300 million, it is possible to build the largest and most prestigious hospitals in Kuwait, that can be the largest in the region to treat all cases.

If the government wanted to eradicate all the wastage in the treatment abroad to benefit this member of parliament and that official, then it will be able to do this for sure, because it is the decision maker. This can only happen if it is serious in this regard, and this is what I hope for along with the entire Kuwaiti population. If you want to silence opponents of any rationalization move you intend to make, then convince them that you are serious in fighting corruption, and that you started on this road, along with all that proves this. – Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Qabas

By Iqbal Al-Ahmad

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