Enough about subsidy cuts!

HoutiI am not an economic expert, nor a political analyst, yet I remain a Kuwaiti citizen who lives in Kuwait and has my constitutional rights, and here starts the dialogue through the words in my column: I was reading the newspapers in the middle of last week, and I read a news item, which is actually a proposal under study by the International Monetary Fund demanding lifting subsidies on electricity, water and gasoline for Kuwaitis.

I will not go into the study, because it is not my specialty, and my words will not go deep into the economic world, because I am not an economic expert, but I want to ask about who made that study, to a point that he made it a proposal with its result being lifting subsidies from electricity, water and gasoline. Did you conduct your study on all “petty” spending of the state’s institutions?

“Stop”, for all those who want to mess with the Kuwaiti society! I am a citizen who reads and listens all day long news that concerns my homeland, and I am surprised the IMF did not consider it in its study. My message today is directed to all researchers and experts in that international economic facility, and will mention some questions that were absent from their study – rather my lines will not be limited to researchers and experts of IMF, but my questions include every Kuwaiti official who will read that proposal.

I tell them: Stop! Before reading and thinking about the study, you should answer the questions of public opinion. Where are your studies about the donations presented by Kuwait to foreign projects that have nothing to do with the development of Kuwait society? Before you lift subsidies, why all those who squandered public funds through bogus deals were not punished? Did your proposal look at some names that embezzled and stolen public funds, and the law was not applied to them to recover what was taken from the state coffers?

Many questions remain on the minds of the Kuwaiti citizen who does not know what the future has for him out of those foreign studies and proposals. We became bored of attracting those who plan for our country and decide our society’s fate. Until when will we keep others deciding our future path? And until when will we remain puppets, and our strings in the hands of others?

A final note: “Democratic life is the way of people who respect their will in free life, and there is no dignity without freedom and there is no freedom without dignity,” said Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salem Al-Sabah, the “father of the constitution”. – Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Anbaa

By Dr Nermin Al-Houti

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