‘Enough messing around’

If we gather what has been written about the problems and bad standards of the Ministry of Education and its facilities 10 years ago until now, we would have owned volumes titled “you the officials of education ministry, enough messing around.” We became bored while we are writing, as no ear is hearing nor an eye is seeing until the papers became dry and ink dried out of pens, and despite this we focus today on several points in hopes that our officials may move out of their chairs to make corrections without decisions, committees and meetings. What we want today is a steely hand that has the decision to change the crooked path of the education ministry so that it gets on the right track, and education in our country gets revived out of sound educational basics.

* You installed cameras to monitor educational buildings, and despite this we still hear about students beating each other and the result is having some children injured and sustain disabilities that may hinder them in the future. A question: Are the cameras not operational?

* Once again, aren’t surveillance cameras supposed to be in a control room where screens are kept and an employee is hired for this purpose? Then why do some art institutes have a doctor monitoring the screens? Even stranger, the dean of the institute programmed the cameras to see them on his personal phone. Good morning, Snapchat!

* You should know that toilets are government property and made for students, employees and educational faculties, and not for each official in a school, institute or university to take over a bathroom and lock it to become his own property. Welcome education!

* Kuwait is a Muslim country, and in our beloved Kuwait, all its facilities have a special place for women to pray, except for some educational facilities. They do not have special places designated for women, and even if there are, the place is dirty with a noxious smell and the best example is the art institutes, Mr Minister of Education.

* New and youthful blood is good, but scientific experience and seniority in the job is needed. What are their standards in education? Allah help us when the job pyramid gets inverted.

* We face an economic problem, and everyone agreed with rationalizing financial spending, except for the education ministry with all its outstanding jobs and musical shows, and if you demand that they pay your dues, they say “the item does not allow it”.

A final word: A,B,C – repeat for the millionth time, and the result is “nothing”.

– Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Qabas

By Nermin Al-Houti

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