I do not want to sound like a racist or prejudiced in this article against expats, as long as my writing will not go beyond the truth, while at the same time reflect the real situation on the ground, and what the police records say.

I asked a friend who has been employing and dealing with tens of thousands of laborers from south east Asia, about the best nationality of workers that work for him and he answered that the Bangladeshi laborers are the strongest and committed at work, which totally contradicts my thoughts about them. In fact, he was right, Bangladeshis work under the most difficult circumstances such as sheep herding in the desert during all seasons, running grocery stores on highways, guarding and caring for camps and working on construction sites in the desert.

As they are sincere in their work compared to others, we find them more creative in finding means of getting richer that normally do not attract the attention of others. Earlier they were artistic in removing manhole covers, but now they have left it for others and became more professional, as there isn’t a single department that does not suffer from corruption and lacks their presence and influence in them.

You can find them selling stamps for a higher price than its value, or for the same price but with a tip, after emptying the machines, especially those stamps that are not used by the department. Others among them buy all the stamps from the machine and offer it to the public by convincing them to spare the efforts of walking towards the machines, and ladies are more demanding of such services.

There are many workers who leave their cleaning duty and stand in waiting lines in departments or hospitals, to select a suitable prey offering them to wait instead of them while they bring the file or do their work for KD 1 or more depending on the person’s generosity. This is what happened to me twice, and each time I regretted being honest and rejecting the ‘dishonest’ offer.

Some people may say that writing about such matters is not a priority, as there are more important issues that need attention, and that is true; but I am here not to hurt them. Despite of all their problems, they contribute whether they know it or not in increasing the corruption of the society’s manners and make it something ordinary or accepted.

Out of my keenness towards the country’s interest, I called the manager of a cleaning company and explained the situation to him, and he accused me of being envious, and that I wanted to deprive them of their livelihood, and the “reward” for those who are kind to them, and this is where the problem lies. So, I thanked him for his naivety and did not tell him that the keenness of some people to gain the “reward” for them, has compromised many of the society’s values, and this is one of them.

Laborers’ companies are concerned with asking their workers to stop performing jobs other than what they are asked to do. Also, concerned areas at the services ministries such as interior, health and social affairs are asked to warn the public against buying stamps from anyone and buy them from machines only. – Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Qabas

By Ahmad Al-Sarraf


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