Equal powers

Labeed Abdal

After six month of waiting, Russia has finally taken some action and the Russian foreign ministry made some decisions to counter the US Senate’s approval of a bill to impose stricter sanctions on Russia. Nonetheless, people still feel that Russia is weak despite the ‘late vengeance.’ Energy industries, finance, railways, shipping and mining have always been major lines of Russian business in the United States though many analysts thought that Donald Trump’s presidency would create something more like a ‘honeymoon’ between him and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

However, the consequences of this diplomatic crisis with all the unusual reactions on both sides and the continuation of both countries’ fear of each other asserts that they have become equally, or closely, powerful. Such signs can be subject to testing either through direct or indirect challenges. If any given country wishes to examine their status amongst world nations, it can do so by reviewing reports about financial, military attack and defense potentials. Several European and Asian countries are still closely watched and avoid dangers that might result from old ambitions of domination or superiority, which can be the roots of racism.

By Labeed Abdal
[email protected]

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