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Equestrian League starts today

By Abdellatif Sharaa

KUWAIT: Kuwait Riding Center – Kuwait Subhan will see the launch of the first round of the second Kuwait horse jumping league, with large participation of male and female riders from various local clubs.

Today’s (Friday) competitions will be for heights 70-90 cm and 100-105 cm, 110-115 cm, 120-125 cm and 130-135 cm, and tomorrow (Saturday) competitions will continue with heights 110, 120 and 130 cm, while the grand prize competition will be at 140 cm. The prize money for the first round will be KD ten thousand, for first place winners.

Head of Kuwait Equestrian Federation Masoud Jouhar Hayat said “the last sports season saw a notable development in Kuwait equestrian activity, and the season was successful in all standards as the riders and their families acknowledged. He said we always aim towards improvement and development, and the season saw the organization of the first local league under the first elected board of directors that includes experienced and youth members.

Masoud said “three international championships in the two and three stars categories, one of them qualifies for the world cup. Prizes of the horse jumping reached over KD 200 thousand, that in addition to organizing 6 marathons, including one international, and the prizes exceeded KD 186 thousand.

Kuwait International Referee Nabila Al-Ali, who is also secretary general of Kuwait Equestrian Federation said the league starts today (Friday), with a large number of riders from local clubs. He said the local league will have 8 championship, and each lasts two days and has run for professionals and amateurs as well as juniors. She said there will be more than 300 riders, in addition to 2 and 3 stars international championships.


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