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‘Exclusive bus for Kuwaitis’ video inaccurate: Station

KUWAIT: A video that went viral on social media yesterday about a public bus exclusively for Kuwaitis has incorrect information. This video was taken from a report broadcast on KTV1 as part of the ‘Layali Al-Kuwait’ show on Monday. Viewers understood that the new blue buses only provide services to Kuwaitis, which they considered as discriminatory.

Programmer Ala’ Al-Banay, who prepared the TV show that included the report about these new buses, told Kuwait Times that the offices of City Bus told her the service was for Kuwaitis and didn’t provide detailed explanations. “When people started calling after the video spread, I contacted the official from City Bus, who told me she had meant to promote the bus service to Kuwaitis, and not that it’s just for citizens. The official told me that the main purpose of these buses is to be rented by Kuwaitis for private picnics or tours,” explained Banay.

According to the video, these buses will provide special services such as Wi-Fi, mobile charging ports, drinks and other services. City Bus didn’t respond to Kuwait Times’ call to comment on the video.

By Nawara Fattahova

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