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Failed armed robbery at Salmiya money exchange

KUWAIT: An unidentified person carried out a failed armed robbery at a money exchange shop in Salmiya, when employees refused to cooperate with him, prompting him to escape. The suspect reportedly pointed a firearm at the workers and asked them to hand over the money they had, but they refused to oblige and hid behind the counter. The suspect then escaped without stealing anything. Detectives are investigating.

In other news, a governmental committee tasked with the duty of finding solutions for the demographic structure’s imbalance has asked state departments to provide their views within a month in order to discuss them during the committee’s next meeting, according to informed sources.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, the sources said that the committee is preparing its final report to be submitted to the Cabinet at the start of next year, noting that the report would include its final visions for comprehensive and wide ranging solutions that will help reduce the number of expatriates in Kuwait, eliminate marginal labor and concentrate on recruitment of skilled labor only.

Furthermore, the sources said that the committee mentioned the practical measures to implement a quota system for each community after discussing the issue with ministries, Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry and private sector representatives. The committee did not find any obstacles that would prevent Kuwait from implementing the quota system during those discussions, the sources added.

By A Saleh

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