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Fairground screenings of expats for COVID-19 negative: Ministry

A Kuwaiti health ministry worker jestures before scanning returning expatriate at the screening center in Mishref.

KUWAIT: Recovering from the coronavirus (COVID-19) and the announcements made in this regard are matters of technicality rather than anything else, said Health Ministry spokesman Dr Abdullah Al-Sanad yesterday. Answering the press on the sideline of the ministry’s coronavirus update conference, Dr Sanad revealed that coronavirus screenings for thousands of expatriates, held in Mishref area’s fairground, all came out negative so far after four days of extensive tests.

The official affirmed that the Health Ministry was up-to-date with the latest data on the coronavirus, especially from the World Health Organization (WHO), taking the necessary steps and decisions to announce new measures to counter the spread of the virus. Any recovery announcement will be made according to proper protocols to ensure the safety of the people, he reiterated. He urged citizens and expatriates alike to stay at their homes and follow up on the most recent statements and news connected with coronavirus.

Recovery rates
Meanwhile, Dr Sanad said that the global recovery rates from the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) call for hope and optimism, especially with some 72,000 overcoming the disease. In a press conference, Dr Sanad affirmed that the coronavirus had become, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), a pandemic affecting hundreds of countries across the globe. Outside of China, there are some 64,000 cases, while in China there are about 81,000 cases, he said. In the eastern Mediterranean, which has 22 states including Kuwait, 17 countries confirmed coronavirus cases, indicated Sanad, adding that there were five countries, which have yet to confirm or announce COVID-19 cases.

So far, there were 9,081 swipes and samples taken from those in Al-Khairan, Al-Mangaf, and Al-Joun quarantine centers in Kuwait, stated the official who renewed his calls for Kuwaitis and expatriates to remain at their homes and places of dwelling to prevent spread of the infection. Dr Sanad revealed that the number of those clearing the quarantine had amounted to 324 in total. He went on to say that it was paramount for the populous to follow instructions and procedures to curb the spread of the coronavirus. More recently, a 190-passenger flight coming from New York had been subjected to coronavirus countermeasures according to medical protocols, he affirmed.

Eight new cases
Eight new cases of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) were discovered in Kuwait yesterday, bringing the total of infections to 112. During the press conference, Dr Sanad revealed that six of the newly announced cases were of Kuwaiti citizens returning from the UK and individuals who came in contact with those infected. One case was of a Kuwaiti recently returning from France via the UAE and the other was of a fellow citizen returning from Iran, he said, adding that the latter’s case was among those quarantined in Khairan resort.

Meanwhile, two coronavirus patients recovered from the global-spreading infection, bringing the total of those overcoming the disease to nine in Kuwait, said Health Minister Sheikh Dr Basel Al-Sabah yesterday. Sheikh Basel affirmed that laboratory and x-ray test results had shown that the two patients were clear of the virus. The two will be sent to a specialized recuperation ward for COVID-19 patients in preparation for hospital discharge, he noted. The Health Minister revealed that four of eight cases in the coronavirus ICU were released and moved to other wards. – KUNA

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