Fake Bangladeshi doctor arrested

KUWAIT: A Bangladeshi man who arrived in Kuwait on a cleaner’s visa acted as a doctor in Rabiya. The man, identified as ‘Atwa’, became famous very quickly among his compatriots and others, including women who got pregnant out of wedlock. They used to go to him for abortion pills, and he had large quantities of stolen medicine from health centers and hospitals, along with other drugs from unknown sources. Atwa was thinking about moving somewhere else, but tips were received by Farwaniya police, who placed him under surveillance for five days, then his place was raided and he was caught red-handed practicing medicine without a license. A huge amount of medicine, ampules, hormones and expired medicines were found. Atwa was arrested and is awaiting legal action.

False alarm
“Please help, a Daeshi wants to blow up the mosque!” a citizen told police, who rushed to the scene and found that the so-called IS member was the mosque’s muezzin who was throwing trash in a container. A security source said a call was received by Interior Ministry operations from a citizen in Qairawan asking for help against a man who was “circling the mosque to plant a bomb”. The call was taken seriously, and police went to the mosque and asked the man to give himself up. The muezzin told police he was checking the surroundings of the mosque as he does every day at dawn.

Murder threat
“If I see you in the street, I will run you over,” a citizen told his ex-wife. She took his threats seriously and lodged a complaint. The citizen, in her 30s, told Bayan police that she received a call from her ex-husband that included insults and the threat to kill her. Police are working on the case.

Drunk man arrested
A citizen, who was drunk, moved from his hotel to an adjacent hotel through the beach and started flirting with women, which landed him at a Salmiya police station. The citizen, who booked a room in a seaside hotel, drank liquor, then decided to change his hotel in his own way. He then started harassing women, and one of them called the hotel’s management. The manager asked the harasser about his room number, but he was not able to speak properly and it was discovered he was not a guest. Police were called, who arrested the infiltrator and detained him for legal action.

Man detained for selling contrabands
A citizen brashly offered ‘sexual’ products on social media, so detectives arrested and charged him with selling pornographic material and inciting vice. A video clip showed a man promoting pornographic material for sale on social media, and he appeared promising a woman, who he claimed called him, to deliver what she ordered, and said he can provide her with what she needs. Detectives arrested the man in Hawally, and he confessed and handed over the pornographic material he was promoting.

Driver mugged
An Indian expat man surprised by two persons who blocked him in Fahaheel, beat him up and stole the car he was driving, which belongs to his sponsor. A citizen went to the police station accompanied by his driver and told them the Indian was driving to a cooperative when he was stopped by two persons, who beat him, took the car and escaped. Detectives are searching for the two.

Teen driver detained
A juvenile lost his challenge with traffic police when he said they cannot chase him after he was driving recklessly, as he was arrested and his vehicle impounded. The youth made his challenge on social media, so policemen accepted the challenge and went out looking for the vehicle (a pick-up truck), that appeared in the clip without license plates. Police patrols went to Fahaheel industrial area and found him showing off, along with another man driving an SUV. Both were asked to stop, but did not and drove away, until they were forced to stop. The challenger and his friend were detained for questioning, while his car was impounded.

Neighbors’ row
A citizen locked his neighbor in a pigeon coop, before police arrested him on theft charges. A citizen who lives in Sabahiya heard his pigeons moving around, and when he checked on the matter, he found a man inside the coop attempting to catch them. He then discovered that the thief who caused him to lose many birds before is actually his neighbor, so he locked him in and called police. An Ahmadi police patrol went to the house, arrested the man and charged with theft. – Al-Rai

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