Fake detectives arrested

KUWAIT: Criminal detectives arrested two expats who committed several thefts and robberies, and posed as detectives. The total amount of their thefts is KD 46,500 along with 17 mobile phones. Salmiya detectives received a call about two unknown men breaking into an apartment, and told residents there they were detectives, then they stole gold worth KD 4,000 and KD 1,500 in cash then escaped.

Detectives gathered information that led them to the identity of the thieves after they attempted to rob a flat in Mangaf area. The two were arrested in cooperation and coordination with criminal evidence department. The men confessed to robbing an exchange company in Salhiya area after making employees believe they were from the municipality and stole KD 15,000 at knife point. They also confessed to committing four other crimes in Salmiya, Andalus and Sharq areas, breaking into flats and screaming at residents to scare them, and in this way were able to steal KD 16,000 as well as 17 mobile phones.

Residency violator nabbed
Rabiya police sent a Somali in violation of residency law to violators follow up department at the instructions of its director General Brig Saud Al-Khader.

Tea boy busted for bribery
Residency detectives arrested a tea boy, who works at the nationality and travel documents department for bribery, as he offered a detective KD 500 to free a detainee.

Abandoned cars removed
Kuwait municipality’s road occupancy supervision department carried out a campaign at Salmy scrap yard resulting in the removal of 52 abandoned vehicles.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun

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