Fake office busted

KUWAIT: Residency detectives busted a bogus domestic help office and arrested a number of people who used it to run illegal activities. Detectives received information about one of the suspects, and then set him up in a trap in which he agreed to provide a domestic helper to an informant in exchange of money. Police also arrested eight women who confessed that they have absconded from their original employers.

False claims
Hawally detectives uncovered the false claims to a Ukrainian woman who attempted to implicate her estranged husband in the fake-kidnapping of their children, as he had to travel with them when the mother refused to take them before he traveled, Al-Rai reported. The woman went to Salmiya police station and told officers there that her divorced Egyptian husband kidnapped her daughters, aged 3 and 4, and left to his country. The husband was summoned by Hawally detectives, and he went to them with his two daughters. He said he took his the girls for visitation, then when it was time to bring them back, he called the mother but she refused to receive them. Then as he had to travel, and could not leave them in a safe place, he was forced to take them with him, then brought them back when he returned to Kuwait. Detectives’ investigations revealed that he was saying the truth, and found out that there are several complaints by the woman against her divorcee who was ready to hand the girls over to their mother.

Fugitives nabbed
A Jordanian man was arrested in Sabah Al-Salem after police discovered that he is wanted to serve five years in jail over drug charges, reported Al-Rai. The man was detained after showing strong resistance. Meanwhile, a teenager was arrested after a car chase as he drove a vehicle recklessly without license plates in Qairawan area. In other news, a girl who was reported missing four year ago was arrested by police who busted her while she was driving a car at dawn in Shuwaikh. She was sent to Sabah Al-Salem police station where a missing person’s report was filed back in 2013. She was held for questioning before being handed back to her family.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun and agencies

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