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Family supervision key in protecting Kuwait from drugs

KUWAIT: An unexplained money squandering spree might usually be a sign that something is wrong, and most of the time it points towards a case of drug addiction. If this habit remains unchecked, it might grow exponentially with no way to reverse the situation; therefore, to avoid this, families must provide supervision to help their relatives beat addiction.

Speaking on the issue to KUNA, Lt Gen Mohammad Al-Ardhi of the interior ministry’s drug control department said families and society as a whole have a responsibility towards helping addicts beat their demons by offering help, assistance and supervision. He affirmed that the drug control department in Kuwait is willing to help addicts in any way it can, because it knows addiction is an illness that can be cured.

It goes without saying that minors should be supervised, families should be protective of their young ones and fix the problem from the get-go, Ardhi said, calling on families to contact the 1884141 hotline for assistance and help. Kuwait had been carrying out a campaign against the spread of narcotics since December 11 with state entities, non-government organizations, law-abiding citizens and ex-addicts chipping in for this great cause.

If a family member, a friend, or an individual you might know is suffering from narcotics addiction, it would be wise to contact the competent authorities, which offer addicts total anonymity and discretion when it comes to treatment and ongoing recovery. – KUNA

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