Family under siege

Talal Al-Ghannam
Talal Al-Ghannam

Good morning dear and honorable brothers and sisters, and I wish you all a happy summer vacation. In this article, I would like to add on a previous column in which I wrote about a family under siege, an issue for which had received wide-scale responses and positive reactions.

Picking up from where I left off in my previous article, I can say that the helpless and fatigue woman along with her son were waiting for a brighter future, but could not do anything or come out of their prison-like room. Just a few days before Ramadan, the two looked anxious that their ordeal could be resolved and their case would be closed. But unfortunately, they were faced by numerous obstacles such as the high rent, shortage of food, weak internet connection and many more challenges.

I came to learn that woman suffered many accidents in which she fell in the bathroom, but she did not want her son to know. And when he would hear something falling inside the bathroom, he would inquire if his mother was ok, but she would reply that the bathroom’s rack had fallen, just that she does not scare the boy.

Some weird things keep appearing on the woman’s body, things that look like tiny tumors, but of course the painkillers cannot do anything to her. Since the last article, so many good doers have positively interacted with the case, and some have actually assisted to ease the suffering of the family.

When asked how they could survive sometimes if aid could not be reached or if the circumstances change, the woman replied that “since Almighty Allah is with us, he will never abandon us. I am able to work and earn a little.” Every time I visit them, the little boy keeps smiling thinking that I have some good news for them, but when I get ready to leave, the two pay farewell with anticipation for the next visit which hopefully would could come with the salvation.

The woman has grown wary of consuming painkillers, which could ultimately negatively impact her health as compared to taking the specific medication for her case. Meanwhile, her old mother keeps insisting for the two to come back home to see her, but she keeps on telling her that they are fine and that she must finish her work contract in Kuwait before deciding to travel back home.

Till the next article insha Allah.

By Talal Al-Ghannam
[email protected]

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