Fashionista jailed for insulting prosecutors

KUWAIT: The misdemeanor court sentenced fashionista Jamal Al-Najadah to one year in jail and a KD 1,000 fine for insulting members of the public prosecution, Al-Rai Arabic daily reported yesterday. The public prosecution had earlier released Najadah on KD 2,000 bail after charging her with insulting the judiciary. Najadah denied the charge, saying she did not mean to insult the judiciary, adding that a follower contacted her on Snapchat and spoke to her about the money laundering case she is charged with. She said she didn’t know the call was being recorded, and was surprised after it was posted on social media. She apologized to the prosecution.

Money laundering
The public prosecution has completed the charge report of a money laundering case estimated at more than KD 4 million, Al-Rai reported yesterday. Sources said the case includes 19 suspects, with a man named “Salehi” the most notable among them. The charges include money laundering, liquor trade and possession of firearms.

It said four suspects are in jail and one is outside Kuwait. Investigations revealed that the suspects laundered more than KD 4 million, knowing that the money was embezzled from the government. The sources said the suspects carried out many transfers through various accounts and issued checks, cashed them and circulated the money to cover the illegal sources. They said “Salehi” used money in his account to buy real estate and luxury cars.

A 31-year-old Indian man committed suicide in Kuwait after his employment was terminated, Al-Anba Arabic daily reported yesterday. Police received a report that a person had committed suicide inside his apartment in Abu Halifa, so security men and forensic officers rushed to the scene and found the body hanging by a rope. According to his friends, the man took his life after the company where he worked terminated his services.

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