Fatat Futsal Women team secure top spot

By Abdellatif Sharaa

KUWAIT: Fatat Futsal Women team secured top spot after defeating their co-leader Tadhamon 5-1 in their seventh round match – raising their total point to 18. Tadhamon remained at 15 (in second place). The match was exciting from the first whistle as Tadhamon’s player Mayar Firnanda scored the first goal after which, Fatat replied with five goals.

Rareeni Christian scored two goals; Mariam Baroun scores two while Dina Ali scored the fifth and final goal. In the second match, Kuwait team did not have any difficulty in beating Fatayat Al-Oyoun 4-1 – raising their point total to nine while Fayat Al-Oyoun remained pointless. Francisca Valera scored two goals; Fajer Al-Amer scored two also for Kuwait, while Fatayat Al-Oyoun’s lonely goal was scored by Alona Kirilshok.

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