Father catches son watching pornographic videos

KUWAIT: An Asian sold a juvenile a CD that contained pornographic videos, and gave him his phone number in case he wants more. The juvenile’s father noticed that his son is always playing with his computer, and demanded to see what he was watching. The man found pornographic material on the computer and so filed a case with police. Detectives are looking for the vendor.

Kuwaiti duped
A citizen who works as an engineer in a ministry was conned by another Kuwaiti who sold a luxurious car to him for KD 27,000. The car was later found to be in a very bad condition but had been painted to hide the problems.

Marijuana sent by mail

Customs officers foiled an attempt to smuggle 8 kg of marijuana by a mail parcel. The parcel was addressed to a courier company from India, with a claim that it contained homemade food items. Investigations are underway to find out who imported it.

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