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Faulty wiring caused store basement fire

KUWAIT: Fire broke out in a store’s basement in Souq Mubarakiya, prompting firefighters respond and put out the blaze. An investigation revealed that faulty wiring caused the fire. No injuries were reported.

Fatal crash

A citizen was killed and three were injured during a collision between a dump truck and a car on Rehayya road in Jahra, Al-Rai reported. Police, paramedics and firemen responded and worked on freeing the deceased, as the injured were taken to hospital. The body was recovered by the coroner.


An alleged thief deployed a new method to steal phones and computers from the cars of company representatives he contacted online to deliver goods he ordered, and gave them addresses that do not belong to him. He opened their cars without having to break in, and used phone numbers registered in the names of deported expats. The affected companies complained to police and said that cars’ contents were stolen without any signs of breaking in, reported Al-Rai.

Detectives found the thief used to select buildings in suitable locations, then gave the building’s number, floor and flat number and to companies who take orders online and accept payment on delivery. He then waited for the deliveryman to go inside the building. He then opened the delivery vehicle and stole its contents. They found he stole 12 mobile phones and two computers. Investigations are ongoing to arrest him.

Abnormal condition

Firemen and policemen brought a citizen, who was in an abnormal condition, under control after he set his family house on fire and locked them in. Police received a call about a fire in a Saad Al-Abdullah house, so firemen were dispatched there. A man appeared with a knife, and when asked to make way to put out the fire, especially since the family was locked inside, he refused in a manner that showed he was not in a normal condition. He was brought under control and the fire was put out without injuries, Al-Rai reported.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun and Agencies

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