“FCB Remuntada” arrive in Brazil for Neymar Jr’s Five World Final

FCB Remuntada

FCB Remuntada team arrived to Brazil to compete in the World Final of Neymar Jr’s Five. The champions will be representing Kuwait and competing against the winning teams from more than 50 countries. Neymar Jr’s Five by Red Bull is the world’s first and only unique five-aside championship with Neymar Jr’s signature.

This year, the fast-paced game opened its doors to participants between the ages of 16 and 25, and for the first time this year, the rules of the tournament allowed the participation of two players over the age of twenty-five, giving the opportunity to a larger segment of participants.

Two teams of five players each play 10-minute games with no goalkeepers. When one team scores a goal, a player on the opposing team is eliminated until the whole team is completely out or 10 minutes are up. The local qualifiers ran from 21st March to 3rd April, 150 teams signed up to the 6 national qualifiers showcasing their football skills in a first and only Neymar Jr signature football tournament where 5 players compete against 5 in a unique last man standing modus, with an eye on meeting Neymar Jr. It was interesting that teams of young talents crowded to sign up in this year’s round.

The teams registered vying the dream of meeting their beloved star Neymar Jr, especially after learning about last year’s unique experience. The ambience of last year’s World Final spread through social media highlighting that qualified teams actually saw the Brazilian star Neymar Junior, who came to the stadium to share memorable moments with the teams and take pictures with them. He also crowned the winners and formed a team of five to play a fivegame match against the winners.

During Kuwait’s national final, the knockout games were both exciting and challenging amid the applause of the audience, FCB Remuntada managed to outplay their opponents until the championship approached to the end and neither teams could score any goal. In light of tying up, one player from both teams was nominated to compete in an one-on-one match. Hassan Mohamed Ali gave his team FCB Remuntada the winning goal, guaranteeing the boarding pass on the plane that will fly the winning team to Brazil this summer. When interviewed on their win in the national final, “FCB Remuntada” captain Ali AlMasri expressed great joy, saying: “We heard about the championship through a friend and we decided to register at the Hassan Abul qualifiers in Al Dasma, we participated in the championship with a plan to win and we did”.

“We are very excited to be in Brazil and hope to be lucky enough to meet Neymar. We will do our best to win some matches during the world championship of Neymar Jr’s Five and represent Kuwait in the best way possible”. FCB Remuntada’s Ahmad El Hajj Hussein, Ali Sheet, Ali Al Masri, Hassan Jabak, Mohammed Khodor Al Masri, Yasser Al Najjar and Youssef Dayekh are looking forward to the grand prize for the crowned world champion team in Brazil which is meeting Neymar Jr in Barcelona,Spain, and being his guests at the famous Camp Nou in a game by Barcelona as VIPs.

Thousands of teams from 53 countries across six continents set out with the same dream of outplaying them all and making the Neymar Jr’s Five World Final.

Only the best will be at the Instituto Projeto Neymar Jr in Praia Grande, Brazil from July 7-8 to battle it out for the overall title. The World Final programme begins on Friday, July 7 with a group stage featuring the national champions from 53 countries.

The best 32 will make it through to the knock-out stages on Saturday, with a series of matches whittling the teams down to 16, and then to eight in the quarterfinals and four in the semi-finals before the top two battle it out in the final match. The Instituto Projeto Neymar Jr is a private, non-profit association dedicated to social causes, set up by the player and his family. Located in Jardim Glória, in Praia Grande, where Neymar Jr spent much of his childhood, the Institute is an 8,400m2 education and sporting complex catering for 2,470 underprivileged children aged between seven and 14.

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