Fight at Jahra Hospital

KUWAIT: Jahra Hospital was the scene of a bloody fight between several people, before the brawl was controlled by guards just before police arrived. The fight started between two groups of in-laws in Saad Al-Abdullah, who resumed it at the hospital when they saw each other, and each side asked friends to come for help. Eight bedoons who were on one side were arrested, while the other party of three citizens and their mother escaped.

Under the influence
Ardhiya police arrested two young men in an abnormal condition, as their car was obstructing traffic. The driver was found under the influence and the passenger did not have any ID. Both had hashish joints on them.

In debt
Farwaniya police arrested three wanted persons for over KD 290,000 in debts.

Car thief at large
Jabriya police are looking for thief who stole a late-model car after its owner went into a pharmacy leaving the engine running.

Drug trafficker caught
Interior Ministry’s Assistant Undersecretary for Criminal Security Maj Gen Abdelhameed Al-Awadhi sent a bedoon to the drugs prosecution charged with trading. One kilo of shabu was attached to the case file. The suspect was arrested in Salmiya after he sold 20 gm to an undercover agent. The rest of the drugs were found in his house.- Al-Rai and Al-Anbaa


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