Filipina woman raped by Egyptian man; Kuwaiti fed up of practical jokes played by his wife

KUWAIT: A Filipina woman recently reported that an Egyptian man raped her after he called asking to meet and settle some old disputes. The woman said that the suspect took her to an apartment in Khaitan where he sexually assaulted her. But when police summoned the man for questioning, he denied all charges. He said that the woman owes him KD 970 and argued that she had made up the accusation to avoid paying him. A case was field and further investigations are in progress.

‘Unstable’ wife charged
Getting fed up with his wife’s repeated practical jokes, a citizen filed a complaint against her, accusing her of being mentally unstable. He said that she had so often accused him of intending to blow off a mosque whenever she had a problem with him. Detectives had recently received a report about the man’s alleged plan. Heading to the scene, policemen found out that it was a hoax report and the man provided them with a copy of his wife’s medical report at the psychiatric diseases hospital.

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