Filipino arrested for selling babies

crimesKUWAIT: In a strange human trafficking case, a Filipina was recently arrested in Mangaf for selling newborn babies. Security sources said that all the babies were the born outside wedlock. Case papers indicate that detectives had been tipped off concerning the suspect’s activity and after placing her under surveillance for a while; the suspect was arrested along with one of the mothers and four newborn babies. The two women were referred to relevant authorities – and the babies have been hospitalized. The suspect confessed to acting as a midwife for her compatriots. She said she usually took the babies immediately after birth and sell them (KD 250 each) to childless couples.

Family perished in car crash
A Saudi, a Kuwaiti father, his daughter and son were all killed while the Kuwaiti’s wife and three other children were seriously injured in a tragic accident along Hafral Baten road, KSA while driving back to Kuwait, said security source. Ten Saudi ambulances and 20 paramedics were dispatched to the scene where they were assisted by a Kuwaiti doctor who was on his way back to Kuwait. The injured were rushed to a Saudi hospital.

Oil pipe stolen
The legal representative of an oil company recently filed a case with Subbiya police station reporting that an unidentified robber had stolen a 200-meter-long oil pipe from one of the company’s sites. He also said that the pipe was worth KD 1400. A case was field.

Witchcraft items
An Iranian sailor was recently arrested on arrival at Doha Port. According to security sources, some witchcraft items were found in his possession.

A brothel in Mangaf
Five citizens, two female expats were recently arrested in Mangaf, said security sources. Case papers indicate that a citizen was arrested after officers found 4 bottles of imported liquor in his possession. On asking him, he said that he bought them from another citizen living in Mangaf. On storming the second suspect’s apartment, security operatives found out that it is used as a brothel. Four citizens and two female prostitutes were arrested and 5 cartoons of liquor were also seized. A case has been filed and the suspects have been referred to relevant authorities.

Kuwaiti woman arrested for insulting, threatening police
KUWAIT: A female citizen working for Ministry of Health was recently chased and arrested for insulting and threatening police officers on duty in Ahmadi. Security sources said that the suspect had insulted and threatened policemen at a check point – saying that her father is a Brigadier and that her sister is a police officer. When the suspect was asked to stop at a check point, policemen noticed that she had been on drugs – and also suspected her of being in possession of some illicit drugs. She then drove off in an attempt to escape the checkpoint.
Liquor factory busted
A Sri Lankan was recently arrested in Ahmadi after he escaped at a checkpoint and for running a local liquor factory, said security sources. When the suspect was asked to show his ID at a checkpoint, he ran away on foot, taking refuge in an apartment in Mangaf that turned out to be used for manufacturing local liquor. Another suspect was arrested in the apartment and both are facing charges of manufacturing and selling liquor. In another development, an Asian was recently arrested on arrival at Kuwait airport after security officers found two kilograms of marijuana in his luggage.

Asians arrested for fraud
Five Asians have been arrested for fraud, said security sources, noting that the suspects had made use of the sufferings of people in distress and claimed to be collecting donations and furniture to send to the underprivileged. On raiding a place suspected rented, policemen found a large quantity of furniture, brochures and fake invoices.
By Hanan Al-Saadoun

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