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Firm to inspect Kuwait’s tax evasion prevention measures

KUWAIT: A delegation from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) is scheduled to visit Kuwait in May to review its readiness for applying the agreement of Common Reporting Standard (CRS), which aims at fighting tax evasion. Informed sources said the visit aims at urging the procedures needed to implement the agreement Kuwait signed last year to be retroactive since 2017 and effective by 2018.

Health insurance
Health Minister Dr Jamal Al-Harbi announced that no violations had so far been detected in distributing the ‘Afya’ health insurance cards for retired citizens. “Legal and financial penal measures included in the contract signed between the Ministry of Health and the insurance company will be applied in the event of detecting any violations,” he stressed, noting that those measures may go as far as excluding the violator from the medical service providers’ network. Harbi added that all medical service prices provided through Afya cards are preset, and the service provider cannot change them during the contract’s tenure.

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry is expected to refer two assistant undersecretaries to retirement by next week, then fill vacancies in various sectors with a reshuffle.

By A Saleh

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