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Fishing sector suffering ‘severe labor shortage’

Officials urged to protect local products, tackle challenges

KUWAIT: Kuwait Fishermen Union stressed the importance of filling vacancies in the fishing sector, explaining the sector suffers from a severe shortage of labor, especially since fishing is a hard profession. It is difficult to provide labor from the local market, as it needs special skills, which requires recruitment of labor from abroad.

The union called on the Interior Ministry to save the fishing sector and meet recruitment requests. A large number of fishing license holders have applied to the union, asking it to find a solution, because disregarding their demands threatens the entire fishing sector and forces their ships and boats to a halt, which will result in a severe shortage of local products.

“The Fishing Department of the Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources understood the problem of fishermen and addressed the ministry of interior. However, so far the fishermen’s requests to bring in the necessary labor allowed in fishing licenses have not been approved,” the union said in a statement.

“What is happening will affect the prices of fish in general, because it is the local product that stabilizes prices in particular and markets in general,” the union indicated, calling on officials to protect local products, work to remove challenges facing the fishing sector, listen to the demands of fishermen and resolve the issue of employment with the necessary speed.

The union noted the seriousness of the issue because it is related to food security and concerns citizens, pointing out any rise in prices will have an impact on the consumer. Therefore, the union is ready to cooperate with all parties to put an end to the suffering of fishermen. “We are performing our national duty in providing food security, and we are working hard to manage the stability of prices to preserve local produce,” the union said.

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