‘Forged cheques’ gang members arrested

KUWAIT: Criminal detectives arrested members of an international network that forged cheques that were difficult to discover. Investigations revealed that the gang made deals with expats to write the cheques in their names. They then collected the money from the bank and received a 10 percent commission, then sent the rest of the money to the original beneficiary in an Arab country. Two citizens and a Saudi were arrested and charged with forging bank transactions. The Saudi confessed to forging 20 cheques issued to Kuwait International Bank against the account of an educational establishment at an estimated total of KD 200,000 with the help of a person in an Arab country. Meanwhile, a Jordanian was arrested on forgery charges after forging four cheques to a Kuwaiti bank against the account of a Kuwaiti establishment of a value of KD 40,000.

Winter uniform
The Ministry of Interior’s relations and security information department said all uniformed police personnel will wear (black) winter uniforms from Tuesday, Nov 1, 2016.

Food inspection
Kuwait Municipality statistics revealed the food and markets supervisory department in Hawally branch inspected 600 stores and issued 102 citations during Sept 2016. The department inspected 240 shops and issued 26 citations, while 12 stores were cautioned about health conditions and three stores were closed. Eight samples were sent to health ministry laboratories. Meanwhile, the department said 22,748 animals were slaughtered at various abattoirs – 21,569 for companies and 1,326 for individuals, while 147 slaughtered animals were destroyed because they were unfit for human consumption.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun

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